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$d= $row[‘cur_date’];
$timestamp = strtotime($d);
echo $date = date(‘d-m-Y’, $timestamp);

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Cách tích hợp skype vào website

Jason Trinh

<a href=”Skype:nickcuaban?chat”>

<img title=”Xin chao” src=”http://mystatus.skype.com/bieutuong/nickcuaban” alt=”” width=”120″ height=”30″ />

nickcuaban: Thay bằng nick skype của Bạn (thay tại 2 vị trí)
title: Thông báo hiện thị khi người dùng di chuột qua biểu tượng Skype
bieutuong: Nhận các giá trị ” bigclassic”; “mediumicon”; “smallclassic”; “balloon”
Các Bạn có thể thay đổi kích thước hiển thị của Skype trên Website tùy ý của mình bằng cách sử dụng thuộc tính Width và height nhé.

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Web Development

Rebecca Madden

Below are screenshots of the first website I have ever created. As part of an assignment in semester 2 of first year, I chose to solely produce a user friendly and simple website centralized around cartoons and memorable quotes from them. It consisted of first a home page that required a user log in and submission. This then lead to the main web page that consisted of many elements including menus, links, images, text, gifs, video’s, external and related links for further reading, comment and suggestion box.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a huge passion for cartoons, so I thoroughly enjoyed this assignment. My goal was to display a simple, clear and concise interface as the majority of my target audience would of course, be children. For this reason, it was imperative that any user could navigate through the website with extreme ease. Although it is a simple website…

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HTML and CSS Validation: Should You Validate Your Web Page?


If you don’t hang around webmaster circles, you may not realise that HTML validation and CSS validation are controversial issues with some people. This article discusses some of the positions taken in these discussions to provide some perspectives on issues that have come increasingly to the fore in web development. Hopefully, the article will also provide a practical method that overworked webmasters can use to improve their website.

Note: if you are not sure what HTML and CSS mean, please read What are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Perl? Do I Need to Learn Them to Create a Website? before continuing. Otherwise you’ll be completely lost here since I assume you at least know what these terms mean.

Some Background Information: What does Validating HTML or CSS Mean?

For those who are unfamiliar with what validating a web page (ie validating your HTML or CSS code) means, it basically refers…

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AWeber Subscription Using CURL

Santanu's Blog

AWeber Email Marketing Software creates profitable customer relationships for your business. Its email marketing tools like professional email signup forms & auto-responder services make it easy for you to build your email list and stay in touch with prospects. Few features of this service are:
a. Manage Subscribers
b. Auto Responders
c. HTML Email Templates
d. Email Newsletters
e. RSS To Email

Following are some easy steps to integrate this service in your website:

Step 1: Add these codes in your web page where you want to display newsletter subscription form:

<form action=”” method=”post”>
<input type=”hidden” name=”meta_web_form_id” value=”[form_id]” />
<input type=”hidden” name=”meta_split_id” value=”” />
<input type=”hidden” name=”listname” value=”[list_name]” />
<input type=”hidden” name=”redirect” value=”[redirect_url]” />
<input type=”hidden” name=”meta_redirect_onlist” value=”[redirect_url_if_already_subscribed]” />
<input type=”hidden” name=”meta_adtracking” value=”[listing_name]_Form” />
<input type=”hidden” name=”meta_message” value=”1″ />
<input type=”hidden” name=”meta_required” value=”[name,email]” />
<input type=”hidden” name=”meta_tooltip” value=”” />
Name: <input type=”text” name=”aname” value=”” />
Email: <input type=”text” name=”aemail” value=””…

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Music Database

Matt Livingston

Music Database

This is a music database where you can search for Songs, Artists, and Albums created for Interactive Design.

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Matt Livingston


Pokedex created for Interactive Design

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php Error Test – Pokemon Listing

Matt Livingston

php Error Test – Pokemon Listing

This was an error test, we were given a code with multiple errors inside and told to fix them.  This is the result.

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