Text Editors

The Gangs Of Itians

1. Bluefish (text editor)

 Bluefish is a free and open source advanced text editor with a variety of tools for programming in general and the development of dynamic websites. Bluefish supports development in (among others) HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, PHP, C, C++,JavaScript,Java,GoogleGo, Vala, Ada, D, SQL, Perl, ColdFusion, JSP, Python, Ruby and shell. Bluefish is available for many platforms, including Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X, and Windows. Bluefish is developed in C/GTK+ and can be used integrated in GNOME or run independently. Bluefish fills the niche market between the plain text editors and the full swing IDE: Bluefish is relatively lightweight and easy to learn, while still providing many features of an integrated development environment to support both programming and the development of websites.


Bluefish 2.0.0 with default toolbars & HTML
Developer(s) Bluefish Dev Team
Stable release 2.2.6 / April 21, 2014; 18 days ago
Development status Active
Written in C
Operating system Cross-platform (POSIX)
Type Text editor
License free software (GNU GPL)
Website http://bluefish.openoffice.nl/

2.Coda (web development software)


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