www.Soshitech.com – An Email Interview with Keith D. Holler Owner/Senior Network Engineer At @AZCappy!

What is AZCappy?

SoshiTech - Soshitech.com


What is AZCappy?
Cloud hosting and domain services
What do you do at AZCappy?
Owner/Senior Network Engineer and all around security fanatic.
How did you come up with the name? Where is the company headquartered?
AZCAPPY was my nickname on IRC. I spent so much time helping people with networking and computer problems that a friend in Australia and one in New Zealand said I should start getting paid for it.
Yearly revenue? Any funding?
$255,000 approx. Totally funded by myself.
How many people do you have working it? Who are they and what are their duties?

9 total staff.

Keith Holler is Owner/Senior Network Engineer

Michael Usrey is CFO

Tony Duval is Director of Support

Alta Holler is Director of Sales

2 sales staff

3 support technicians
How did you come up with this idea for the company? Why did you create this company? What and/or who…

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