Virtualbox – Goodbye XAMPP Hello Virtual Lamp Stack

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I recently found myself working on a Windows 8 machine and needed to set up a local development environment for Worpdress. Previously I would have installed something like XAMPP and gone through the usual windows installation dtramas. A good friend of mine, who is an uber-nerd recommended something called VirtualBox a while ago because I’d asked advice about learning about Unix sysadmin, setting up DNS and so forth. So I thought rather than mess around with some LAMP imitator why don’t I just give this VirtualBox malarchy a go?

What’s that all about?

What you’re actually doing when you use VirtualBox is setting up another “virtual computer” which runs on your “host computer”.

There’s a really good guide here for anyone who wants to give this a try. Just a quick heads-up, the install of the operating system on the Virtual Machine does appear to take quite a long time…

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