Twice Foiled By CRLF on Linux


I’m just going to get this off my chest.  There is no reason in the world why life has to be this difficult.  These computers were brought into our lives to easy the pain and yet, somehow, they just don’t measure up!  I have been bitten by this one twice.  It’s clearly evident had I blogged about it before now, I could have reclaimed a day of my life back.

So Git has this thing with carriage return/line feed characters and it should all make our lives easier when transitioning between a Linux environment and a Windows environment with our code.  I had given it a cursory look a while back and configured my own machine to, once and for all, prevent the mayhem that arises out of saving files with CRLF (Carriage Return Line Feed) characters onto a Linux Server.  Well, I forgot about it, and it took me…

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