SoFlo PHP 2013-09 – September

Robert Labrie

The monthly SoFlo PHP meetup was moved at the last minute to LiveNinja‘s offices in Miami. Thanks to Ptah for jumping in at the last minute with the space. The topic was debugging in PHP. I had to leave before our keynote speaker could get started, but got some good tips from Adrien and Ptah. I’m moving my usual “to Google” list from Google docs to here. Some of this might get fleshed out later as a separate post.

PHP Debugging tools

Xdebug is installed as a PHP extension and will let you step through code, do breakpoints, and other debugger things. There is a Windows build, with a pretty cool wizard that will analyze the output of phpinfo to provide custom install instructions. There is also Zend PHP Debugger, part of the Zend server stack.

Charles Proxy was mentioned as a traffic inspection tool. Looks like it’s similar…

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