Random things about my designer life


* I can write/speak html, css, php and some java
* I don’t like making logos
* I’m totally and strictly against music on websites (and flash intros agh =/)
* Less is more… really, trust me, it is, you don’t want to confuse people
* I can make glass in vectors!
* I’m good at photoshop. Once i created an arm for a kid in a very bad photo!
* I can’t (REALLY) work is someone is staring at me.
* Web design was never my 1st choice of “major” in design.
* I don’t know how to make animated gifs.
* I don’t use (and had never used) Dreamweaver, i type code!
* 90% of what i know about web, is self-learned
* I have no idea how does Photoshop in spanish even look like (fellow designers ask me stuff and i go like “O_______o blur?………”)
* I…

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