It’s Been A While by: Siobhán (edited by my mom)

The Life of a Panhypopituitarism Kid

Sorry it’s been a while. My mom had knee surgery so she couldn’t help me too much.  So, we decided to relax while she recovers and I start 3rd grade.

I started 3rd vrade the beginning of this month. My mom says this is going to be the best year ever. I think so too. I have Mr. Lou as my teacher. He is the best. He likes to use music to teach us things. 

We have Mr. Luchs who teaches us to play the violin. We have a problem though, we have a lot more kids this year and the district only wanted to give us Mr. Luchs for one day. Well, that isn’t enough. So, my mom and the rest of the PTO had to pay $18,000 for him for a second day but, that still wasn’t enough. So, our new principal Mrs. Bartolini had to fight for…

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