How to use zendtool in Zend Framework 2

Mahesh Prasad ( Technical Architect - LAMP ) [AWS Cloud, IOT, Mobile Apps, Big Data, Analytics, Data Virtualization, Web Services]

Here is step by step guide to create a module in a zend framework 2 application using zendtool.

Step A. First Install zendtool

Step 1: First Download the Zend Tool from here. Secondly, extract the files into your root (www) localhost folder and rename the folder to anything you want. I will call it “zftool. So zendtool path look like this – C:\Program Files\php_5_4_15_Win32_VC9_x86\www\zftool

This file provides you with all the necessary files to create your basic folder structure.

Step 2: Download the zftool.phar from

And copy it to zendtool folder.

Step 3: Open your Terminal. (In Windows 7, click Start and in the search box type “cmd” (no quotes), and click cmd.exe.

Step 4: Once opened, use the “cd” command to navigate to the folder where you created your project in your root (www) localhost folder. My command looks like this “

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