Family Chatroom Project

Tyrone Verburgt


I have been working the past 2 weeks on creating a family chat room on our local area network (LAN). Basically anybody that is within our LAN can write there name and a comment. I have made my laptop the localhost ( using apache2 and I have created a database using MySQL. In this time I have been learning SQL to operate databases and PHP (a server side scripting language to send and retrieve data from a database). I now feel very knowledgeable in theses topics but not expert yet…there is still a lot more to learn. I found that was very resourceful 🙂 I used LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHPmyadmin). I am planning to host a website and adding a comment section would absolutely be great…maybe I’ll also add a sort of forum, related to engineering or something. 🙂 Learning about MySQL had an additional learning outcome, and…

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