Code Type

Behaviour Driven Development in PHP! The beauty of Cucumber brought to Rails.

Codeception also has some humour to it. For example, the person specifying test steps is a “Guy”—I am not making this up. There are three Guys generated by Codeception.

  • A WebGuy who mimics the actions of someone clicking through your website and verifying stuff. This is akin to the job of a Quality Assurance Specialist in your neighbourhood web development firm.
  • The CodeGuy who mirrors the action of the developer.
  • And the TestGuy who writes the test suites.

This approach may be redundant if you look at the big picture because they all write tests; but if you delve into the framework, you would understand why they separate the Guys. Soon, if requires, other positions in the office may be added too. Maybe the ManagerGuy could come up. Now we are not only developing to meet customer constraints but…

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