2. PHP – Data Types/String Functions


PHP supports various data types.

1. Integers : All natural numbers.


2. Floating point numbers : Fractional values.


3. Boolean : Boolean value can be either true or false.


4. Null : Null value specifies that the variable has no value.


5. Array : We can store multiple values using the array. Array values can be mixed, meaning, it can have integer value, floating point numbers, or strings.

$x= array(“Hello”, 2, 3.5);

6. String.


Let us test these data types. Instead of using echo to print the values, let us use something called, var_dump. This prints both the data type as well as the value.

==>String Functions.

1. strlen() – Returns the length of the provided string.

echo strlen(“this line”);

2. strpos() – Returns the position of the character in the string or the stating position of the text in the string.

echo strpos(“lazy dog”,”dog”);

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