Why I hate comments in code

Solid Coder

clutter-4c (1)

Do you remember the good old days when they tried to tell us how important it is to comment your code?  The days of functions longer than a marathon because it was costly to call another function.  Variable names were short and cryptic and could often be understood only by the initiated.  Writing concise algorithms and optimising code was of prime importance.  Yet in spite of this code often was more easy to read and follow than much of the code written these days.

Why is it that with so much faster computers, more sophisticated development tools and more expressive programming languages, written code these days is such a drag to read.  Instead of ‘main’ and other functions we have now classes, methods, properties, templates, delegates, generics, interfaces and many other features that make our hearts race. We have compilers that can optimise our code automatically removing the worry from…

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