Using Composer with Symfony2 and Doctrine on Pagoda Box

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About Pagoda Box

Pagoda Box is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that takes a lot of the work out of managing your PHP infrastructure. If you’ve ever worked with Heroku, Engine Yard, or other similar PaaS providers, you’ll be pretty familiar with how this all works. At Omega Vortex, we use Pagoda Box when developing new software ideas and client projects where a cloud-based infrastructure makes sense. Since Composer switched over to using the GitHub API to fetch archives recently, there have been issues with Pagoda Apps running up against GitHub’s API Rate Limiting. There’s also some general connectivity issues that have been alleviated by the most recent updates to Composer in Git. You can read a little more about the Rate Limiting issue in this GitHub Issue:

Update Composer

The first thing you really need to do before you move on is update composer…

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