The Best Things to Do With Your Tax Refund

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By : Newton

Tax season usually means mostly unpleasant thoughts and lots of stress. But there is one upside: the potential of getting a refund.

In a March 2013 article in Time magazine, it is estimated that this year 85% of Americans expect to get an average refund of $2,800. While it’s true that technically it’s your money you are getting back, getting a refund check in the mail still leaves people with extra cash on hand.

Now, what are you to do with this refund?

Many people fall victim to splurging on material items or a vacation; but if you are reading this, don’t let that be you!

What would a wise person do with a tax refund? Put it in savings? Invest?

I’ve received quite a few questions from our readers asking for advice on this very question. And although I strongly believe that a professional financial advisor…

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