Taking Stock


I found a fellow Chicagoan named Brain Kung. Check out his blog at http://www.callmekung.com He had a nice little list to keep track of his progress while learning web development on his own. I thought it was a good idea to copy him and make my own list. I know that many of the things on my list are very simple. His list was much the same. Nonetheless, it’s good to take stock of where you are and be honest about what you’ve done.

Completed in Four Months:
LearnPythontheHardWay ( 100% )
LearnRubytheHardWay ( 100% )
TryRuby ( 100% )
Codecademy Java ( 100% )
Codecademy JavaScript ( 100% )
Codecademy HTML ( 100% )
Codecademy CSS ( 100% )
Codecademy jQuery ( 100% )
Codecademy TryGit ( 100% )
ApprenticeshipPatterns ( 100% )
PongKata ( 100% )
SnakeKata ( 100% )
ProjectEuler ( 37 / 424 )

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One thought on “Taking Stock

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