Open source has everything you need to start developing


Mofinto is developed using mostly open source software. We started development on windows. Testing and production eployment has always been done on linux. However, we maintain ability to cross develop. This flexibility comes easily as LAMP is available on both windows and Linux and has so far worked very well for us.
In this post I will go through preparing the machine for server code development.

Basic system:

(I cover here windows installation and will explain the linux installation in another post).
We use LAMP as basic platform for development. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySql, and Php (Perl, Python . We started development on windows. So we used XAMPP installation on windows. XAMPP is a cross platform version of LAMP and can be installed on several Operating systems.

First thing after installing set MySQL root password. By default xampp sets the root password as nothing. For this go to http://localhost/security and set the mysql password.

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