Magento System Architecture – Part2

Prasath Albert

Modules and how they work within the system

Magento primarily works on a base of modules. All functionality is divided up into modules that make up the system overall. It’s important to understand what each module does and how to go about adding modules to the system, in order to understand the architecture of modules themselves.

Distribution of the modules between directories

All modules are located within the /app/code/ directory. Directories are commonly referred to as codePools. There are three possible locations for all modules that relate to the system. They are all split by type to prevent any confusion:

  • community—For community-distributed extensions, usually those that we have installed through Magento Connect or have downloaded from a source, other than our own. Anything installed through Magento Connect will be installed here automatically.
  • core—Reserved for core Magento modules, so that we cannot directly overwrite or interfere with them. We…

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