Is PHP the New Java?

Suhas Rathod

A look at this increasingly popular coding language and whether small businesses should be using it for Web development.

Fast and cheap, the programming language PHP has won small business converts in recent years though critics say one of its biggest selling point — ease of use — makes it less robust than some of its competitors.

PHP, short for Hypertext Preprocessor, is now the fifth most-popular coding language in the world, according to TIOBE, the Dutch research firm. Like Sun Microsystem’s coding language, Java, PHP is designed for developing Web-based applications. While PHP can be used to power a number of such applications, a small business would likely use it to create a shopping cart, a bulletin board, or an ordering system on its website.

But PHP is considered to be easier to master than the others. Part of the reason is cost. Since PHP is open source, there…

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