From PHP to Python : Getting started with mod_wsgi

David Vassallo's Blog

This article explores the process of transitioning from a PHP environment to a python one.

In a recent project we started at 6PM Infrastructure, we have a very interesting and complex problem which requires an interesting mix of cross-platform standalone applications (programs which are run as standalone applications, called from the command line that run in both Linux and Windows environments, for example “python –username=dvassallo“), as well as web applications (that is, an application which is called via normal HTTP GET and POST requests, for example ““). This mix of requirements made us favor python, even though initial PoCs were all written in PHP. The reason being that, especially in standalone applications, python far outshone PHP, since it was extremely easy to quickly write multi-proccessing and mulit-threaded applications. At the same time, python has several frameworks (which we are just beginning to explore) that can…

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