for Geeks: Coding The easy Way

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Being in Networking and Information Technology field, coding comes in our day to day curricular activities. Well, be it an Android App or a Web Page or a simple Web Application, coding knowledge is essential.

Programming or coding efficiently isn’t a simple play. It needs constant guidance, practice and most importantly it demands Time.

But lucky we!! Super cool websites are emerging, making it less painful and more easy for us to code the right way. Good thing about these websites is, they don’t require any per-requisite knowledge about the coding language.

For a beginner like me, its the most awaited platform i have been looking for ages. I have listed some of these cool websites which i personally feel are most awesome to start with.

#1 goes Codecademy

Learn: Web Fundamentals, JQuery, Javascripts, Phython, Ruby, PHP, APIs.

All courses are free to learn. Great Coding Platform is provided…

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