Excel To MySql Database | Code From An Amateur

Journey Of A Nifty Day Trader

Presenting here the work of a day trader and above all a school dropout.

The script presented below first reads and then imports data from Excel to Mysql database, using PHPEXCEL project.

Version details: PHPEXCEL:1.7.8; Apache:2.4.4; PHP:5.4.13; Excel:2007

I dedicate my code to 3 professional programmers –

1. d’alar’cop

2. LWol

3. Bashing-om

and to my best friend, my mentor and a stark critic –  Mr. Ashwin Vyas, without their encouragement and support I would not have even dreamt of attempting to start venturing into such a complex world of programming.

My main objective was to write a script to store real time stock quotes from Excel sheet to Mysql database; to achieve that, first I decided to learn testing a test data from Excel to Mysql database.

I used PHPExcel Project developed by Mr. MarkBaker in my script to read  Excel sheet and export the same to Mysql database using Mysqli  Prepared INSERT INTO statement.

In order to ensure freshers like me get…

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