Choosing an IDE

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What is an IDE?

  • IDE means Integrated Development Environment.
  • It provides certain facilities which helps a programmer for software development.
  • They are designed in a  such a way so that it can maximise the developer productivity.
  • There are many IDE’s which support multiple programming languages.

There are lots of IDE’s are available today. Even though some of them are not free, there are lot of IDE’s which are free. Most commonly used IDE’s are netbeans,Eclipse,Adobe Dreamweaver,PHP Designer,Active state Komodo etc. If you wish to use a paid IDE you can try Adobe dreamweaver which has many advanced features than other IDE’s such as automatic code completion,syntax highlighting etc. PHP designer is another well known paid IDE. neabeans and Eclipse are free to use and it also has many advanced features. You can check the below links and select the IDE you like.




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