Azure PHP starter: what’s the FTP password? look in PublishSettings

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You can fire up a PHP web site, complete with a MySQL database and FTP access, on Azure in a couple of clicks. However the password you provide for the FTP site doesn’t work.

You will find the password in PUBLISH SETTINGS, together with the MySQL connection string.

The PHP starter includes a table to hold a listing of pages as well as what could be described as a rudimentary CMS. I’ve put my own hello.php at the end of this post.




<publishProfileprofileName="brentgoosewatch - FTP"publishMethod="FTP"publishUrl=""ftpPassiveMode="True"userName="brentgoosewatch\$brentgoosewatch"userPWD="SNvQ2ro3XasdfaerhfgndsfhsdfgsdfgsfH2q3kKXSmCbMsabuK6htspDlCdkpbGjb64P"destinationAppUrl=""SQLServerDBConnectionString=""mySQLDBConnectionString=
      User Id=vcxvzxcv78;

if you examine the starter pages you can see how the connection strings are used: however the W3Schools PHP code ( seems to work fine…

<html> <head> <title>PHP Test</title> </head> <body> <?php require_once…

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