Avoid the madness, when installing FRAPI.

With this in mind.

A little while ago…

…we embarked on creating an API for Sossee.com. This was partly because we are about to build the bit that really matters on the site, and we needed a whole new way of dealing with everything. We decided to start using Backbone.js and Frapi.

One of the advantages of using Backbone.js is that you can build a web application on other people’s content using their API – although that’s not what we are preparing to do.

Using other people’s content is great, but if you are ambitious fools, you might be creating a web application yourself, and you want other people to use your content. Ahem… that’s where Frapi came in.

Will you need to build an API for your website? There is a very good reason for asking this – and it’s not a trendy bandwagon thing – it’s simply because you can use your…

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