A step too far – Installing Git on MyBook Live

The Lights Are All Wrong

UPDATE – Before installing git (if you haven’t already) read this. I think the safest rule of thumb to live by is to avoid installing anything with “apt-get install”.

UPDATE – If you have tried to install git and have bricked your drive follow the instructions here. I followed them here with almost complete success.

In an attempt to sort out various coding projects and trees of backup folders I decided to finally take the challenge of learning how to use Git. I have two laptops and to make the whole process of sharing files easier I thought installing Git on a server would be much more useful (bear in mind my knowledge of how it works was (and still is) limited) and that the WD MyBook Live (MBL) would be a good place to put it.

A brief Google later I discovered that ‘SSH’ing into the MBL…

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