Get country code from country name in Magento

Tech Bandhu

Its very simple to get the country name by given country code with following code,

$countryName = Mage::getModel("directory/country")->load("in")->getName();

But in one of the application I come across the situation where I need get country code from country name. I have used bellow logic to fulfill my need,

$countryList = Mage::getResourceModel('directory/country_collection')
$needle = "India";
foreach ($countryList as $key => $val) 
   if (strtolower($val['label']) === strtolower($needle)) {
       echo $val['value'];

You will get the array of all country list with in $countryList variable. From that array I am searching for my required country code.

I am sure there must be some alternate way to get the same. If you know some alternate way, which is more convenient you are most welcome to post your ideas or suggestions.

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