Traits are Includes!

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As part of the Great New Code To Come (some call it GForge6.3), we’ve been looking at several improvements to our technology stack, not the least of which will be moving to PHP 5.4 or 5.5. Traits are an interesting new construct, neither Interface nor Base Class, that I’ve been trying to factor into the Great New Code. I’ll admit that I’ve been kinda stumped about why traits are cool. Well, that’s because it turns out they’re probably not.

Benjamin Eberlei got things started with a good, objective analysis of the trait feature. Boiled down, his argument is that if you can derive the same benefits of a trait using a class and static method instead, then traits are really the same tool with a different handle. And I agree, but I think it’s even worse.  If Benjamin’s associative analysis is valid, then traits are actually just include/require statements…

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