Innovations for the MySQL Community

New options and enhancements in MySQL 5.6 ar out there to MySQL users within the MySQL Community Edition.
MySQL 5.6 provides increased linear measurability, serving to users to leverage fashionable hardware capabilities.
With this version, users will expertise simplified question development and quicker execution, higher transactional outturn and application accessibility, versatile NoSQL access, improved replication and increased instrumentation.


Highlights of MySQL 5.6 include:
Better question Execution Times Associate in Nursingd nosology provided through an increased MySQL Optimizer diagnostics: Subquery Optimizations: modify question development by optimizing subqueries before execution. New efficiencies in however result sets ar chosen, sorted and came deliver substantial improvement in question execution times. The Addition of Index Condition Pushdown (ICP) and Batch Key Access (BKA): will improve chosen question outturn by up to 280x(1). increased Optimizer Diagnostics: with make a case for for INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations. make a case for set up output in JSON format delivers additional precise optimizer metrics and higher readability, and Optimizer Traces allows to trace the optimizer decision-making method.
Greater Performance outturn Associate in Nursingd Application accessibility with an improved InnoDB storage engine: Up to 230 % Improvement in Transactional and skim solely Throughput: InnoDB has been re-factored to attenuate heritage threading, flushing, and purge mutex contentions and bottlenecks, sanctionative higher concurrency on heavily loaded OLTP systems, and leading to considerably improved outturn for each transactional and skim solely workloads(2). increased Availability: on-line DDL operations alter DBAs to feature indexes and perform table alterations whereas the applying remains out there for updates. Full-Text Search with InnoDB: permits developers to make FULLTEXT indexes on InnoDB tables to represent text-based content and speed up application searches for words and phrases. Simple, Key price Lookup: versatile NoSQL access to InnoDB provides straightforward, key-value operation of InnoDB information via the acquainted Memcached API.

Users get the “best of each worlds,” combining key-value operations and complicated SQL queries within the same information.
Improved Scale-Out and High Availability: with new options in MySQL replication including: Self-Healing Replication Clusters: the addition of worldwide dealing Identifiers and Utilities create it straightforward to mechanically observe and live through failures. Crash-Safe Replication allows the binary log and slaves to mechanically recover correct positions within the replication stream just in case of a crash, and resume replication while not administrator intervention. Checksums maintain information integrity across the cluster by mechanically detection and alerting on errors. High Performance Replication Clusters: up to five times quicker replication through Multi-Threaded Slaves(3), Binlog cluster Commit and Optimized Row-Based Replication alter users to maximise the performance and potency of replication as they scale-out their workloads across goods systems. Time-delayed Replication: provides protection against operational errors created on the master, as an example accidentally dropping tables.
Enhanced PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA: new instrumentation allows users to higher monitor most resource intensive queries, objects, users and applications. New summaries with mass statistics sorted by question, thread, user, host and object are out there. The enhancements give easier default configuration with but 5 % overhead.
MySQL 5.6 includes variety of extra enhancements as well as Geographic info Systems – Precise spacial operations, improved IPv6 compliance and optimized server defaults.
Supporting Quotes
“MySQL 5.6 unleash Candidate received nice feedback from the community and helped North American nation to with efficiency mature the technology to announce General accessibility,” aforesaid Tomas Ulin, vp of MySQL Engineering. “The new options and enhancements that MySQL five.6 delivers any demonstrate Oracle’s investment in driving MySQL innovation, creating MySQL an amazing suited today’s most strict net, Cloud and embedded application necessities.”
“With this latest unleash, Oracle shows its in progress commitment to the MySQL community,” aforesaid Carl Olofson, analysis vp for management and information Integration package at IDC. “These ar important advances in MySQL technology, sanctionative this open supply RDBMS to satisfy the wants and exceed the expectations of its giant and growing body of users.”
“We have knowledgeable about tremendous demand for our MySQL cloud services over the past year,” aforesaid brant Juelich, senior director, Managed Services, Savvis. “Considering the performance enhancements and therefore the new options out there in MySQL five.6, together with the another price of MySQL Enterprise Edition, we have a tendency to totally anticipate even additional interest within these offerings in the future.”

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