infosec absurdity

Some time ago I did some source code auditing in public repositories and came across this bug. However this was not useful enough to keep 0day (post authenticated and not nearly as widely deployed as I would like).

I built this exploit to use the new version of the webstrike framework that I have developed. I will get around to uploading the core modules to github when I get a chance so for now posting the exploit code is somewhat useless.

As mentioned previously, the exploit pack will contain mostly 0day that I find and wish not to keep. I will include exploits for more popular applications as the bugs become public.

So what are the details?

We begin on ines 40 – 43 of index.php where the $page variable is set to a controlled value.

Lines 55 – 60 of index.php ensure that our page value is either add/edit/account/logout…

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