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In my humble opinion Silex is great. It’s perfect to create prototypes, but when our application grows up it turns into a mess. That was what I thought until the last month, when I attended to a great talk about Silex with Javier Eguiluz. OK. Scaling Silex it’s not the same than with a Symfony application, but it’s possible.

It’s pretty straightforward to create a Silex application with composer:

But there’s a better way. We can use the Fabien Potencier’s skeleton. With this skeleton we can organize our code better.

We also can use classes as controllers instead of using a closure with all the code. Igor Wiedler has a great post about this. You can read it here.

Today I’m playing with Silex and I want to show you something. Let’s start:

Probably you know that I’m a big fan of Symfony’s Dependency Injection Container (you can…

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