Syeda Sara Ahmed

This is an introductory tutorial where we setup our first PHP-MySQL project using XAMPP. Follow the following steps to get started with web application development without any hassel. I want to keep everything simple and step by step guide for beginners.

Step 1: Download XAMPP to your system:-

Pick up the latest XAMPP installation version and download it to your system. (In case of windows user,) make sure you download it in separate directory other than the one where you have your windows installed. So as to keep things organised and free from hassel.

Step 2: Intall XAMPP server:-

Click on the application you just downloaded and follow the installation procedure step by step. Check on the MySQL, Apache services and install them all (though not recommended as it may sometimes clash with other network services running on your system)

Install this application in a separate directory; the one you made…

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