Musings of An Unchained Soul

drunk_woman_lead_gallery__600x392-420x0So here we go again,  late afternoon, couldn’t run out of work fast enough.  So I decided for the drunken replay.  Sit down peacefully in a diner with a glass of wine and a nice book.  Glass number one.  Looking dignified.  Glass number two.  The pages start to look blurry.  Already?  I thought I had a high tolerance.  Glass number three.  Pull out the phone and start reading on peoples misadventures in online dating.  Glass four……glass ten……

Yeah.  So being bipolar causes this?  I don’t think so.  You’re a drunk kiddo, deal with it.  You have trouble getting a good night’s sleep.  Yeah cause you pass out after coming home for a few hours then wake up, now you’re up all night.  No bueno chica.

Well one thing I do regret.  The pages are sticky from the drool in my book.  Not attractive, but mildly entertaining is my sticky…

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