WordPress basics

WordPress Basics at Placer School for Adults

WordPress.com is a great way to create a free website with blogging capability built in.  They host it for free, do the backups, worry about hackers and updates.

There are some features that are not enabled for free.  You can purchase these features or use a self-hosted WordPress installation.   You can always start with WordPress.com and then switch to self-hosted later.

One big thing to be aware of is that you cannot sell things, have ads or affiliate links on your WordPress.com website.

You do have a community of millions of blogs to be part of.

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One thought on “WordPress basics

  1. Hey there!Thx for sharing your ideas and knowledge.I will read them, as I am not an expert in ITECHONOLOGY lol,and will ask you soon some questions if you dont mind! and thx for looking at my Blog today 🙂 http://www.theflexitarianspot.com !!! If I can help you with anything in my own field feel free to ask me too! TTYsoon ! 🙂 Sherry

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