What news for Yato Records?

Yokina Mushi

The schedule has been updated on the official website and Yato Records is now included in the larger world DJ Pool on Zipdj.com .

The dubstep sound of Japan (Tokyo) “Diagonal Crossing” by Jam_boy will be released on the compilation “Dubstep Construction Kit”  in october 2012 (more info to come).
Jam-boy started DJing in 2009 and quickly found his way in music by using real machines and open source free softwares. His work is made by his skills only, not relaying on easy automated stuff as he prefers to turn the knobs instead of watching the knobs turning.
Highly influenced by major artists such as Fatboy Slim or The Chemical Brothers, Jam_boy plays with the beats to drive dancers crazy.

Also, three artists have joined Yato: The Vice Grips (HardTek – Industrial – Techno from Canada), Dan Walter (Tech House – Club from Belgium) and PlusDeep (Deep House from France).

At last, a rumor tells that a licensing…

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