The Complexity of the Teen Mind

Initially, people will hear the word addiction and automatically assume you’re talking about drugs or sex or alcohol or other socially tabooed things in life. However, as humans become more reliant on technology, sudden addiction becomes much more simplistic. Suddenly, there’s addictions to things like video games, texting, blogging, and surfing the internet to get away from things that actually need to get done. 

Truthfully, there’s plenty of addictions out there. Food, technology, fitness, getting skinny, getting pretty, being wanted. Sure, some of that is really just an obsession. But it’s the habits within the obsession that make it an addiction. 

Personally? I am obsessed with Bioshock. I play that game more than anything else. Out of I think 85 achievements (between both games) you can get without the add-ons or Xbox live? I have 8 left. Just. Eight. The game isn’t even scary anymore! I can narrate it. I…

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