The Bathroom Renovation From Hell by Gerri Brousseau

Nights of Passion

This week I’m talking to you about a crazy bathroom remodel. As it so happens my son and his wife rent a house. The house had a bathroom which was as small as a matchbox. Now you might say I exaggerate, but I kid you not. I have to walk sideways between the sink and tub to get to the toilet bowl. Well, the toilet bowl sprung a leak and so did the shower. Water ran out of the bathroom along the hall and down the basement steps. It was like lake Titicaca in their hallway. Now since it was a rental house, my son and his wife had no say in who would remodel it, or what fixtures would be installed. One would imagine the person hired to do this job would at best attempt to give them more space, or at least keep the sizes of the three pieces…

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