Life is a Highway

Holy Devoted


Dinner in the crock pot? Check. Laundry in the dryer? Check. Papers graded? Check. Lunches packed? Check. Being able to mark off the last task off my to-do list? Priceless.

Phew! Am I the only one who gets secret pleasure over checking something off a list? Probably not. For me, creating and marking off lists are a coping strategy I use to keep myself organized, on task, and at peace with myself. If I did not jot down the random string of thoughts that flooded my brain, I probably would not get very much accomplished.

I compare my brain to a super highway. You know. The type of eight lane highway where the speed limit is 70, the traffic is bumper to bumper and the exit signs are poorly marked and obscured by overgrown bushes. Now, picture several eighteen wheelers attempting to careen into the same lane at…

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